POREC ™ Watering Sleeve is the result of research in the field of advanced textile technology. Our Textile Watering Sleeve is the  most innovative and sustainable solution in the field of localized irrigation systems.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve is tube made of textile fabric. The sleeve becomes porous under internal pressure to release moisture or gas into the medium chosen.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve is made of highly resistant textile fabric made from high strength yarn woven to create millions of pores that open and close with every watering cycle. You can appreciate this process in this video.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve has been designed and manufactured to offer a dynamic behaviour under internal pressure: as water or air circulating along its length reaches a certain pressure, the pores open up to allow the release of moisture or gas in the substrate.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve takes advantage of drip irrigation technology, improving on the existing technology to create a new irrigation model.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve may be used on the soil surface or buried under the soil grade, and contributes greatly to the save water and the energetic efficiency.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve stands above other porous and soaker pipe irrigation systems due to the dynamic behaviour of the fabric used in its manufacture.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve dynamic pores greatly eliminate the risk of obstruction and root intrusion.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve is suitable for Fertigation. It may be used with untreated storm-water, reclaimed waste-water and non-drinking water in general, without any health risks when used for below grade irrigation.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve dynamic pores ensure that it can be used with any type of water that has been minimally decanted and is free of larger organic and inorganic particles.

POREC ™ Watering Sleeve performance is not affected by lime-scale.